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Welcome to Haringey Over 50s Forum Newsletter

May 14 2020

Dear Members

We are trying to keep in touch with you all a bit more often during the virus crisis.

We are planning to try to phone round the membership again, particularly the people who aren’t on e-mail, in the next few days to make sure they are ok and have all the food, medicine and other things they need. We did this in mid-April and besides being nice for both parties to have a friendly chat, we were able to help a few people with useful information, connecting them to volunteers for shopping or prescription fetching, or to Council and other services that could support them with various problems. We’re grateful to the several volunteers who shared this task, but if anyone else would be up for taking on a few phone calls to other members, do drop us an e-mail to or a phone message to 07853 686212.

Below are some activities we would like to join and participateso that we can still be able to spend time together, albeit virtually while being physically apart. We would like to welcome any suggestion you might want to share with the forum.  Your ideas are very welcome -please put them into the attached questionnaire and e-mail it back to us or send it by post.

We have made available some resources to update you on ‘lockdown’ – see below about free food and help with computers.

Get in touch if you need more specific information or you would like to contribute with the forum.

Membership Communication

We now have a new forum postal address. Please moving forward address your post to the Public Voice office. There is a freepost option that does not require the use of stamp and you just need to add the code (Freepost RTXY-BSRB-RCSS) on the first line.

Public Voice CIC

Tottenham Town Hall

Town Hall Approach Road


N15 4RX

For those members that need to renew their subscriptions, you can now post cheques.

If you are doing online banking, it’s even easier to pay us £5 for another year to:

Coop Bank. Sort Code 08 92 99

Account: Haringey Over 50s Forum

Account number:  65525931.J

Just to remind you, if there is an XXX at the top of your letter, that is a reminder that your subscription needs to be renewed. Give us a call if you have any doubts.

Stay well and let’s hope we can go out and meet people again soon.

With best wishes,

Anne Gray and James Cowling for the Forum committee


Forum Activities for May

Scam awareness online discussion – Monday 18/May at 11:30 am.

We know computer fraud and scams are a constant problem, and in some ways, this has got worse during the virus crisis. Some people have shown concerns over this, so,  we’re having a ‘webinar’ about the scam issue in which you’ll be able to talk about any experience you might have had or any concerns you might be worried about. 

This will be an online informal discussion on Monday 18 of May at 11:30 am:-

Public Voice is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: HAP – Scam awareness discussion

Time: May 18, 2020 11:30

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 998 0515 7169

Password: 920955


Online Cinema Club meet up- The Elephant Man – Friday 22/May at 2pm.

Since we cannot have the cinema club, we thought it would be fun to watch a film which you can get easily on BBC iplayer and ‘meet’ online through a Zoom session to discuss it.

The film we suggest is ‘The Elephant Man’ on

It is available till 25 May and you can watch it in your own time. Then we plan the discussion session for Friday 22 of May at 2pm.  Send us an e-mail or leave us a phone message if you would like to join the discussion, then we will send you details nearer the time of how to get into the ‘Zoom’ meeting.


Morrison’s Monthly Chatter – Thursday 28/May at 2 pm

As usual, this is the open discussion space in the forum where we meet and listen to your ideas, queries or concerns. This is our space to socialize and share with others anything you will like.

Given the circumstances, we would like to hear from you how you are coping with the lockdown and if you have taken on any new habit, hobbies or have any tip to pass on.

Morrison’s Monthly Chatter

Thursday 28May at 2 pm

To access click on the link here

Meeting ID: 699 616 8582

Password: 1jzUSM


Coffee & Computers IT support– Friday 15/May at 2 pm

If you need a one-to one assistance getting to grips with your device or connecting online, feel free to join the IT support group.

FRI. 15th May, 2.00 pm

If you have received the information by email, follow this link

or access byCLICK HERE

If you are not joining via link, open Zoom in your browser and insert the following information

Meeting ID: 849 2001 4002

Password: 031543


Learn more about Coffee & Computers at:


Food parcels for people who are ‘self-isolating’ or out of cash


Haringey Council have set up a partnership with non-profit veg growers, Edible London. They’re offering free food deliveries to older people – it includes their standard selection of cans, packets and some fresh organic veg. There’s LOTS of it because the business community have been donating many items.


They want us to let them know of any elderly, or families in need. The number is 02084894431. Do give them a call if you are in need. 



Read on – we have some question for you!

Please return this questionnaire by e-mail – or by post if you prefer. You can type an x beside the chosen answer box. Or you can mention your ideas to the person who phones you.

  1. Is it helpful to have an occasional phone call from the Forum during ‘lockdown’

Yes   □                   No □

  1. Would you be willing to help with phoning other members, by taking a list of 10-20 names to call?

Yes   □                  No □

  1. How do you feel about getting e-mails from the Forum?

(We ask because it’s difficult to send out paper when we have little funding, and the Public Voice office which usually helps us has only one person working each day because of the current stay-at-home arrangements)

I do not have an e-mail address □

It is fine to send e-mails □

I read e-mails only rarely – would prefer a text message to tell me to put the computer on □

  1. How do you feel about having meetings online through ‘Zoom’?

It is fine to use Zoom □

I do not have a computer or mobile phone □

I have a computer or mobile phone, but I do not have an internet connection□

I have a device and internet, but I need support to join meetings via Zoom□

  1. If you’re ok with Zoom, would you like to see more online activities – like an exercise or dance class, where you follow the teacher online, or a book club? Or discussing a film or TV programme? What sort of things would you like to see the Forum offer in this way?

Comments (please type or write in this space any suggestion or recommendation)






Dear members and Supporters
This is the zoom information on how to join the Morrison’s Monthly Chatter meeting on Thursday morning at 1030am until noon.
It’s the first time we’ve done it so please bear with us.  It’s supposed to be simple.  Famous last words.  
Please follow the instructions below.

Haringey Over50s Forum is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Morrison’s Monthly Chatter

Time: Apr 16, 2020

Follow the below link to join at 10:30 AM London

Meeting ID: 976 5599 5619

Join Zoom Meeting

Follow the below link to join at 11:00 AM London

Meeting ID: 917 6286 2513

Join Zoom Meeting

Follow the next step by step tutorial if you are joining Zoom for the first time.

Once joined, you screen will have the following overview.

Please follow this YouTube tutorials to get familiarized with Zoom features.

How to join a meeting

Using meeting controls

We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


Paulina Laurel

Project Officer

Public Voice CIC


Tel: 020 3196 1900



Tottenham Town Hall

Town Hall Approach Road


N15 4RX
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Dear Members and Supporters;

I hope you are well.

If so, great. If you’re struggling, please let us know. You can reply to this email or phone 0208 341 2238 or 07853 686 212.

We’re here to help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need to.

Morrison’s Monthly Chatter
We are planning to have a session this Thursday, April 16, from 1030am until noon. It will be via Zoom which is really easy to use. I will have more information for you on Tuesday. It’s a chance to voice your concerns, questions, tell us about good things that are happening in your area, or just have a chat.

HO50s says; You will get an instruction how to enter a ‘Zoom’ meeting on your computer – if you haven’t used this before, it’s a clever system for doing group conversations and watching things together online. The software you need is free and you can download it very easily to your computer, or to a smartphone, from Then the meeting organiser gives you a code to type in for the particular meeting.

Below is some more information.

Why not write, paint, sing or dance?
The King Lear Prize is an arts competition for over-70s isolating at home, with the aim of showcasing new talent across writing, poetry, drama or music. Please share this with anyone you think would like to enter. You can also find more information on

Advice on getting food delivered
Independent Age, a national organisation, has put some useful information on its web site about special facilities for older people to get food delivered during ‘lockdown’. See
You can call their helpline on 0800 319 6789 if you need further advice.

And in Haringey, in addition to Reach and Connect and Connected Communities, there’s a new opportunity the Forum has just heard about. The Antwerp Arms, a pub in Tottenham which is owned by a community cooperative, have started doing delivered meals for anyone who is ‘self-isolating’ on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ring them on 07831219032 or 07799791564 to find out more.

New Haringey online exercise class:-
Silver Active is pleased to announce its first online class with Sharon, who is running her Reggaetivity session on April 9 from 1:15pm. Everyone is welcome! Any questions, please give Naomi Freeman a call on 07736135260. This will also be via Zoom so please see above if you want to give it a try.

I will have more about Morrisons on Tuesday. Stay tuned.

Stay safe and healthy.

All the best,
HO50s committee