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Film: Pool of London

Date: Friday July 5th
Time: 2.30pm
Venue: Bernie Grant Arts Centre
Town Hall Approach Rd
Tottenham N15

Cost: £4.90

or call: 0208 341 2238
Seats are limited and will be on a first-come first-served basis
including tea/coffee & cake

To book
or call: 0208 341 2238

Haringey Over 50s Forum T: 0208 341 2238
Limited disabled parking is
available to book.
Call for details: 020 3196 1901

Released three years after Windrush arrived in Tilsbury Docks, film legend Earl
Cameron broke through the colour bar landing a lead role in the gritty melodrama heist
movie Pool of London. Playing a shy, sensitive outsider to his cocky shipmate, Earl
Cameron’s character Danny gets unwittingly involved in a diamond heist gone wrong.
In the midst of noir undertones there’s also the first interracial relationship on screen,
shots of a bustling London from nearly 70 years ago and introspective moments on
race, loneliness, love, friendship and dignity.

Haringey  Lottery Funded  Rainbow