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Theatres and cinemas are now open. Here are a few things to click on…
 All the things the BBC has to offer:<br> 6OYg30Am3kkhLHvVR5pIkp6it7drirOqezglnmLm2Ohe24k0
Experience an Exhibition from the comfort of your own home
explore galleries across the world on Google Arts and Culture.
You could e-visit Tate Britain, British Museum, the  The Natural
History Museum  or even take a 360 o  look inside the Louvre in
 The Welcome Collection: Explore their online collections and
resources in ‘The free museum and library for the incurably
 Helpful exercises to stay fit while indoors:
For members who have a computer or smartphone but are still trying to figure it out,
or if you’re lost in the jungle of commercial ads for broadband, give Coffee and
Computers a call and see if they can help.
Coffee & Computers IT support
If you need a one-to one assistance getting to grips with your device or connecting
online, feel free to e-mail
Coffee & Computers at:

also have a really helpful
page about coronavirus support – local and national services from Council, NHS and
government; all about how to stay safe, food and shopping, financial support, getting
tested and much more.
An Invitation to join Haringey Circle
‘Inspiring, enabling and connecting over 50s in Haringey’
Haringey Circle is a new membership programme for people over 50 in Haringey. In
the future it will be organising a wide range of activities, ranging from book clubs,
singing groups, walking football and lunches, to visits to the bowling alley, theatre

and much more. As new members join, they will have ideas for other activities, and
the activity calendar will grow. All this will start when the lockdown, self-isolation and
social distancing guidelines are relaxed. Meanwhile, the Circle is planning activities
that can bring people together and adhere to social distancing guidelines, as well as
opportunities to participate in internet based activities. Ideas are welcome.
To join or make inquiries see the leaflet attached to this newsletter.
Members will receive discounts in a number of local restaurants, cafes, leisure and
activity centres and for a meals on wheels service. The number of other discounts will
increase over time.
Gardening and Handy Person Service
The Circle is starting a gardening service (£20 per hour) and handy person service
(£25 per hour) for members; details on request.
Petition on social care
We hope you would like to sign a petition started by Cllr. Sarah James to demand the
government put enough money into social care. See .
Or drop Cllr James a line at the Civic Centre saying you support this. The petition is
quite long and thorough in what it asks for. Briefly, it says:-
Local Councils have lost 60p in every £1 of government funding since 2010, and
spending on adult social care is at a lower level than it was 10 years ago, despite
greater demand…. We demand the government show that they value our
care sector as much as we do by committing to fully fund adult social
care during and after COVID-19.
Paying your sub?
Just to remind you, if there is an XXX at the top of your letter, that is a reminder that
your subscription needs to be renewed. Give us a call on 07915 477009 if you have
any doubts. It’s still only £5 per year, or £25 for life. Cheques can be sent to Haringey
Over 50s Forum, Freepost RTXY-BSRB-RCSS , c/o Public Voice, Tottenham Town
Hall,Town Hall Approach Road ,London N15 4RX . No stamp needed if you put the
Freepost bit on the first line.
To send your sub as a bank transfer, tell your bank our account sort code is 08 92 99
and the account number 65525931. Thanks!