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We discovered two park cafes which are good hangout spots whilst the nice weather lasts. Chestnuts Park is one (opposite St Ann’s Hospital) and the Lordship Rec Hub another. If you’d like to meet other members for a tea or coffee, leave a message or better still a text on 07915 477009. Or join the Whatsapp group which is being set up by James – leave a phone message from your mobile, or drop an email to Whatsapp is good for chat or exchange of all sorts of information …give it a go. Weather permitting, Anne Gray will be sitting outside at the Chestnuts Park café between about 11am and noon on Friday 11 September and would love to meet some other members there.


The world seems to be on the internet these days – council inquiries, shopping, even some NHS services. If you feel the internet is not for you, or you lack a web-capable phone or computer, you may feel left out. Sadly, we have to have Forum meetings online but we are now at least allowed to meet in small groups in cafes, especially outside. As for shopping, banks and public utilities, if you come across any company that doesn’t offer a phone number as an alternative, do tell us. We’re trying to build up a list of commercial organisations that need to be spoken to about this. Leave a message on 07915 477009 and we’ll call you back about it.

Coffee and Computers is there to help those who are trying to do things online but having some difficulty with their apparatus or its software. Email or see their various how-to-do-it guides on


Online shopping scamsare happening regardingthe use of sites such as eBay, Facebook and Gumtreeto buy items such as mobile phones, vehicles, games consoles, Airpods, Macbooks and footwear, that don’t then arrive.

There’s a fake text going around, saying something like “We were unable to process your latest bill. In order to avoid fees, please update your payment information, via….”NEVER click on links sent by text.

National Insurance refund scam;Scammers are trying to steal personal details by sending out very convincing -lookingfake emails, promising a National Insurance refund. The emails look very similar to sections of the ‘’ website and claim to be from the taxman. They tell people toclick on the link given to claim the cash, but this takes themto a page asking for their bank details.The scammers then use these details to steal people’s identities andtake out credit cards or loans in that person’s name.

Reporting the details to Action Fraud:

A special police department deals with this;

Or phone 0300 123 2040.


Reach and Connect have organised some online ‘workshops’ for the over 50s.

Your questions answered about how to make your home more energy efficient and have lower bills.Places are limited, so please register on the links below foreither of the following online workshops. Or you can e-mail or phone 020 3196 1905.

Tuesday 8th September


Tuesday 15th September