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August/September Update & Events

Dear Haringey Over 50s Forum Members and Supporters
  • New HO50s Directories
  • Very many thanks to our Treasurer Anne Gray who has produce 3 Haringey Directories for HO50s members:
  • Getting advice and help about daily living for older people
  • Getting together and interesting things to do for older people
  • Staying fit and well – health services for older people.
  • There is, of course, quite a cost to producing and mailing out these booklets but paid-up members will find copies enclosed (or emailed) with this newsletter. If you would like a copy of each directory and you haven’t received them, please get in touch at
  • or call 07853 686 212.
  • It may be that your membership has expired and you need to renew your membership. Remember, it’s only £5 a year and you get 10% off all purchases at Costa Coffee in The Mall, Wood Green and a 10% discount on orders over £50 at the Fortuna Mobility Centre in Enfield. We hope to offer further discounts in the coming year too.

HO50s tells Fairness Commission what matters to us

Last month the Haringey Fairness Commission convened a special session for Haringey Over 50s Forum. Members discussed the five priority areas that the Commission had highlighted following completion of the initial engagement phase with residents. The five areas are:
  • Engagement with Public Services: communication, transparency and access
  • Housing: insecure housing with a focus on temporary accommodation, homelessness and the private rental sector.
  • Children and Young People: spaces, support and school exclusions
  • Communities and Neighbourhoods: capacity-building for community groups and organisations
  • Communities and Neighbourhoods: community cohesion, integration, migration and safety
Members were keen to make sure the voices of older people were represented and that we had a say on issues such as social care, transport, housing and ensuring that older members of our community are valued. We hope that some of our views will be represented in the recommendations that come out of the next phase of the Commission’s work in the next few months. We will keep members posted.

Response to HO50s concerns over PoLCE

Haringey CCG has given a detailed response to our representations over PoLCE ‘’procedures of limited clinical effectiveness’’. We were concerned that decisions on procedures such as cataracts, knee and hip operations have always been, rightly, a matter for clinicians and patients but the policy to ration them could lead to older people feeling uncertainty and indeed fear in considering whether they should seek medical help in these areas. We called for a withdrawal of the proposals. The responses are too detailed to go into here, please contact James and we will get copies to you.

Re-connect at the Community Hub, Wood Green

Do you know anyone who is isolated, lonely and over 65? Reconnect is a community project aiming to reduce isolation among older people who experience loneliness. On the 2nd Tuesday of every month the project offers:
  • Free lunch and chat sessions at The Community Hub
  • befriending
  • outings i.e. Hampstead heath, Wetlands etc…
  • participants are collected and returned home For more information contact 0208889 6938 or email:

Local Policing Update

  • My name is Detective Chief Superintendent Treena Fleming and I am the new BCU Commander of the North Area which comprises the boroughs of Haringey and Enfield.
  • I am delighted to be able to introduce myself to the members of the Haringey Over 50s Forum which is a wonderful local amenity for our older residents.
  • My background in policing has been very largely dedicated to the issue of safeguarding – whether that means children, women at risk of domestic abuse or the elderly.
  • For nearly twenty years protecting the most vulnerable has been a career priority for me and I want it to be at the heart of what my officers do in the North Area.
  • I am completely new to Haringey so I am eager for you to tell me what is going on, what is concerning you most and what my officers can do to improve things for you.
  • But I also want to tackle the fear of crime in a realistic way and be honest about where the problems and issues are so that people do not worry unnecessarily about things that are not likely to happen. It is a fine balance to strike but I want the Haringey Over 50s Forum members to have context around the crime statistics and I will be encouraging my neighbourhood officers to do this in their community engagement.
  • Some of the crime that affects older people can be successfully tackled with good crime prevention advice on securing homes, avoiding telephone or doorstep scams.
  • And again I want the ward officers in Haringey to talk through scenarios with people to make sure this advice is absolutely understood.


HO50s Chair, Gordon Peters would like to inform members of the sad news of the death of Patrick Morreau. “ Patrick was a very valued member and lead contributor to Haringey Forum for Older People, the predecessor of H050s, and a trustee of The Haynes centre for people with dementia. He spent some years as the main carer for his wife, Jacqueline Morreau, a well-known painter. And he was an invaluable volunteer in contributing to better policy and practice in care for people with dementia, over many years of meetings with the local and health authorities. He will be very much missed. I had been looking forward to my next coffee with him, since his second retirement.”

Women Rise is back!

Jacksons Lanes ‘Women Rise’ project is back with an exciting range of activities for women members of Haringey Over 50s Forum. Members may recall the two theatre performances put on for us in the last year exploring issues around the difficult subject of domestic violence. Now HO50s women members will have the chance to try out something really different. Choose from a drama workshop, learn some basic theatre skills to impress your friends and family, gain confidence through self-defence or for something more relaxing, try yoga and meditation. The sessions will take place around the borough in Wood Green or Tottenham depending on numbers. The activities all take place from 2.00pm – 3.00pm and no previous experience is necessary! Sessions are free, only for those aged 50+, and – most importantly – a whole lot of fun. Why not try a new activity for Autumn? You may surprise yourself! Provisional dates are as follows:

  • All sessions 2-3pm: Thursday 12th September: Circus skills workshop
  • Thursday 19th September: Drama workshop
  • Thursday 26th September: Self-defence
  • Thursday 3rd October: Yoga/ meditation
  • Please contact Joyce on 0203 196 1901 to register your interest and for more details.

Walking tours

HO50s members have been invited to join Silver Active’s summer activities. See enclosed flyers. Embark on a wandering tour around some of the area’s secret spaces, brought to life through storytelling and anecdotes of people and place. You’ll be introduced to various community projects along the way as well as learn about secret gems across London. The next walk is on Thursday 22nd August, 11:30am -12:30pm. Meeting outside Markfield Park Café, N15 4RB. See the flyers for more details.