Haringey Fairness Commission

Haringey Council have just established the Haringey Fairness Commission to develop practical recommendations on how the council – working with others – can tackle inequality and promote fairness in the borough.

They say ‘We will engage with others, the voluntary sector, businesses, experts but most especially our residents, to have frank but constructive conversations in order to build a shared vision for a fairer borough.’

During October the Commission will receive letters and e-mails from individuals and organisations who want to say something about problems they think should be tackled –

these might be about social care, housing, transport, jobs and benefits, local facilities, crime or policing –

anything that has to do with inequality or unfairness in any aspect of life and services that the Council can influence.

Later in the year, there will be lots of discussions, meetings and events.

Haringey is amongst many other councils that have tried having a Fairness Commission and they have been shown to be very effective elsewhere (for example in Islington) in showing up local problems and working out ways to improve things.

So do write to the Commission with any issues you want to raise, and if possible send us a copy.

You can contact the Fairness Commission on the Haringey Council web site.

There you will find a little questionnaire which asks:-

What does Fairness mean to you?

What topics/issues should the Fairness Commission look at and why?

Do you have a story about unfairness in your life, particularly in relation to public services?

Tell us what impact this has had on your life and/or what helped you to overcome this.

If you want to tell them something but don’t want to do it online you could write a letter to Cllr. Zena Brabazon at Haringey Civic Centre, High Road, Wood Green, N22 8LE

Your committee will be keeping closely in touch with this initiative.

When the series of public events begins, we’ll tell you about what the Fairness Commission is doing, pass on whatever problems we hear about, and make sure we get the voices of older people heard.


Your views wanted on the health service

 Bridge Renewal Trust has been collecting views on users’ experiences of the Health Service from local people, to tell the Clinical Commissioning Group. Haringey CCG is responsible for planning and buying healthcare services for Haringey residents.

On Thursday, 11 October, there will be a public meeting about this at Tottenham Green Leisure Centre.

There will be an option of two meeting times 2 – 4pm or 6 – 8pm. For further information and booking details, contact:

 noorie@bridge , 


tel. 0208 442 7640.



Council services on social care

You may know that the Council’s services are subject to the oversight and ‘scrutiny’ of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Some of us went to the ‘Scrutiny Café’ last week, a meeting at which the Overview and Scrutiny Committee was sounding out the public about what topics and services it should address over the next few months.

Quite a lot of problems were raised about services that affect older people – care delivery, assessment for social care requirements, and also about sheltered housing. We hope they will take these up. Watch this space!

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee receives reports from the Adults and Health Scrutiny Panel of councillors, which in turn consults with the Joint Partnership Board, a group of representatives of service users, health service people and council officers which meets every couple of months. The Joint Partnership Board has several ‘reference groups’ including one for carers, one on physical disability, one on mental health and the Older People’s Reference Group. This is one of the main ways it hears the views of concerned sections of the public, including older people.



More people wanted for the Older People’s Reference Group

Gordon Peters, chair of the Over 50s Forum, is also chair of the Older People’s Reference Group.

The group would like to have more members to strengthen its voice and its capacity to keep watch on the way the council is delivering its care and sheltered housing services.

If you would like to get involved, please contact Val Chinaglia at Public Voice, which provides secretarial support to the OPRG, on 0203 196 1900, and she will pass the message on.