Pamela Moffatt (Interim Chair)

Pam started her volunteering career in 1990 working for the Haringey Disabilities Association. She has been working for the Forum for 12 years. During her working career, Pam was a registered dietitian in the health service. She worked at the Royal Northern Hospital, in Holloway for 12 years.

Pam got talked into working for the rights for disabled and older people when she was looking for volunteer work. Pam said she has got “heaps” out of volunteering.” She said, “Disabled people and disabled older people have needed, over the years, to get people to listen to them and to make changes, changes which make their lives easier.”

Pam has three greatest achievements in her life so far. In no particular order, she is proud that she started stroke clubs in Islington and Haringey boroughs; she worked as a committee member at the Transport for London where the committee worked tirelessly to make policy so that London taxis are legally bound to take disabled people; and, one of personal note, she carried the torch in the lead-up to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

A memory, she said, she would cherish for the rest of her life. In the future, Pam would like to continue to see big meetings at the Forum and to try to secure funding to continue projects that have already been started. She said, “It’s hard to continue the consultation process with older people unless you’ve got core funding.” In her spare time, she likes going to the theatre, reading and playing scrabble.

Helena Kania (Vice Chair)

Helena has lived in Haringey most of her life. She hails from Worksop, Nottinghamshire, near the Yorkshire border. Helena has been involved with Haringey Forum for Older People and been a committee member two years. She is currently the vice-chair of the committee and chair of the Health and Social Care group. Helena was asked to get involved after an organisation she chaired called Haringey Link was closed by the government. Although retired from a career in media which included a 10 year stint working on the editorial side of Which? magazine, she runs a business which offers various pet services.

Helena started getting involved in health volunteering in the early 2000s after seeing the treatment her father received in hospital. She felt that, “somebody needed to stand up and say things.” Things, she says, need to get better. Helena feels that older people need someone who can challenge on a logical basis and try to change things. She is also a hospital governor.

Helena is part of a small group of people that input into strategy. Within that role, she sits on the quality committee which questions procedure from a patient’s point of view. Her greatest achievement is leading a team who brought interactive technology (similar to the current BBC red button on your television screen) in Britain.

Her ambition for HFOP is to see that the Forum’s input is making difference for the better in people’s lives. As a member of British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), Helena goes to see many current films and votes for what could be the winners of the prestigious award. She also enjoys the theatre and walking around London discovering new things.

Jackie Goodwin (Former Chair/Task member)

Jackie is the chairperson for the Haringey Forum for Older People after two years of being involved in the Forum. Although she has lived most of her life in Haringey, Jackie was born in Shoreditch. Jackie became involved in working with older people while she was working for Westminster. It was supposed to be temporary job but it lasted seven years and included managing three teams of staff providing support to older people. When she retired, she was looking for something rewarding to do in the community. She wanted to get more involved in older peoples‘ issues because she really enjoyed. Jackie’s background includes working in general needs housing and supported housing projects as well as with seniors in both Westminster and Haringey boroughs. She is a shareholder of Hornsey Housing Trust. Jackie also served on the board for many years, holding a variety of positions including chairperson.

As the Forum’s chair, she would like it become better known to the residents of Haringey and a force to be reckoned with, within the community. As she put it, she would like the HFOP to become, “A champion of older peoples’ rights within the borough.

James Cowling (Task member)

James is a freelance journalist. He was brought up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and has lived in Haringey since 1999. After he finished his journalism diploma in 1993, he spent a year backpacking around eastern and southern Africa. It was during that time, while he was in Johannesburg, that he got his first job in journalism. He worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation during the election that brought Nelson Mandela to power in 1994.

Since coming to London, James has worked for BBC World Service radio as a full-time journalist and as a freelancer.  He has also worked for press operations for the last two Olympic Winter Games covering figure skating and short track speed skating and at the London Olymipcs where he covered gymnastics.  James became involved with HFOP this year.

He became passionate about senior’s issues after dealing with the Alberta health care system when he was trying to get his mother into a nursing home in 2012.

Gordon Peters (Task member)

Gordon hails from Scotland. He was born near Glasgow, Scotland, on the river Clyde a few miles from Paisley.  He came to London as a young adult and has lived in Haringey, on and off, since the 1960s.  

He worked overseas on health and social care development in the 1990s for about 15 years and returned in the early 2000s. In the recent general election he was a candidate for the Green Party in Hornsey and Wood Green where he finished in fourth place.

Gordon returned, again, to Haringey about four years ago and got involved in Healthwatch where he is now a board member. He has been involved in the HFOP for that past year, and chairs the Older Peoples Reference Group which is a voice for elders in meetings with the Council and the NHS locally through the Clinical Commissioning Group.  He decided to get involved in the Forum because, as he said, “I am now in my eighth decade myself.  So, I consider myself old.”

There were two major reasons why he wanted to get involved. One was his own age and realising there is a limitation to the time you have left; and two, because of his professional background in social services working with frail and vulnerable people. Professionally, Gordon’s interest in older people’s issues goes back to the early 1970’s when he was a social worker.  Around that time he also used to drive a micro bus to pick up elders and take them to a lunch club.  He then taught social services as an academic.

In the 1980s, Gordon was a director of social services for the neighbouring borough of Hackney.  As for the future of the Forum, he would like to see it become a pro-active agency and advocacy group for people wherever they are in Haringey and for those who normally don’t have a voice. When Gordon is not volunteering with the HFOP or Healthwatch, he’s writes and publishes poetry. He’s been known to conduct a ‘not quite Rabbie Burns night’.

He also cycles in the summer to keep himself fit.  Gordon is a keen gardener too and has an allotment because he doesn’t have one at home.

Maureen Carey

Maureen hails from Canada. Her main objective in life as management committee member is to improve standards of care for people both in hospital and in the community and is watching the government’s new Health Bill with concern.

Lloyda Fanusie

Lloyda represents St Mark’s Methodist Church and has good communication and leadership skills, and is interested in making sure that older people have and use their voice in improving care conditions for all. She has been trained in making bids for funds.

Lauritz Hansen Bay

Lauritz is a member of many organisations and specialises in Safeguarding Adults and belongs to the Safer Neighbourhood Team Panel. He has some experience in the use of computer hardware and aims to help make life better for all in Haringey.

Ponnpalam Nagendran. (Nage)

Nage has been recommended by the Council of Asian people. He says he has many friends in the age group 60 to 85 and is familiar with their problems. He is a retired teacher and a member of the National Union of Retired Teachers (Haringey)


Joyce Oyeyi-Effiong

Joyce  wishes to help people shape the social care agenda in Haringey through membership of the committee. She is currently vice-chair of Haringey Personalisation Users Forum. As well as having a distinguished career in working for the community.

Andrew Petrou

Andrew represented the Willoughby road drop-in centre for many years, and is still active with the Tiverton Disabled Community Club. He is more than willing to help disabled and older people as and when needed with hospital appointments etc. He is Greek Cypriot and by birth.