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Action Update

Councillor Kirsten Hearn has sent HO50s an email answering concerns that were brought up at the first Morrison’s Monthly Chatter in August.  In regards to concessions for garden waste for older people, there was suggestions when the scheme was announced that age would prevent people taking up the scheme.  That was not the case as only one person contacted the Borough to say that they couldn’t afford the scheme.  It was also noted that for a 10% discount, it would cost the Council between £28, 000 and £36,000 a year plus set up costs.  For those reasons, a concession was not offered to older people.

As for a reduction in residential parking permits, there are no discounts for yearly parking permits, but the Council does offer a 50% concession to residents who are registered as disabled or aged 65 years and older for short-stay visitor parking permits.

Lastly, there was concern about people driving mobility scooters on footpaths.  The Highway Code states that people using mobility scooters must not drive faster than 4mph on pavements and they should obey the rules for pedestrians.  Drivers must adjust their speed accordingly especially if there are hearing or visual impaired people on the pavement or for those people who have difficultly moving quickly.

Opportunity to participate in and ageing immunity project

Researchers at the University College London are looking for people over 65 who are interested in a study that will address the fact that older adults are more prone to infection and illness.  It will look at the effects of ageing on the immune system.  As many illnesses become more prevalent in older age, there is a need to understand why the immune system declines as people get older.

With our rapidly ageing population, research into immune ageing has an important role to play in contributing towards maintaining the health of older people in the future.

If you would like to learn about our research, ask questions, and find out what it means to take part in research then contact Dr Priya Subramanian at 07341127838 or email

Annual Flu campaign launched

The NHS ‘flu campaign is well underway and is particularly important for those with underlying health conditions. The campaign will be one of the first to roll out under the new ‘Help Us Help You’ brand which brings together messaging on flu, staying well in winter, NHS 111, pharmacy and extended GP hours. Please make sure you get your flu jab to help you stay well this winter.

Meals on Wheels and Nutrition and Well-Being Service

Fed up with cooking and want somebody else to do the work? Well, London Independent Living Service (LILS) may be the answer. The not-for-profit organisation is offering a new meals on wheels programme delivering hot, nutritious lunches and desserts and welfare checks in Haringey. LILS’ community team will deliver meals with a smile and offer a friendly check-up, making sure clients are OK. For more information about the service and to view its menu, phone 03333 444 806 or contact .

LILS is also launching its Nutrition and Wellbeing Service in partnership with Haringey Council. The aim is to tackle malnutrition. If you are worried about your diet or weight loss, contact LILS nutrition team to schedule a visit at or call 03333 444 806. This service is free of charge to any Haringey resident.

HO50s is hoping to have a tasting event, hosted by LILS, for members in the next few months.

Have you heard of the Community Hub?

The Community Hub, at 8 Caxton Road, Wood Green, N22 6TB, has been serving the people of Haringey and surrounding boroughs for over 30 years. The Hub continues to provide a variety of activities – from dance to Japanese classes to yoga. It’s a friendly space to meet and to hold events. The Community Hub also provides advice and information to anyone in need and offers Day Care provision from Monday to Friday for the over 50s age group. It also runs a kitchen that serves wholesome meals at lunchtime.


For more information about the Community Hub, please call 0208 889 6938 or email to Website:

Services in Haringey
Can’t find the services for older people that you need? Try

Haringey’s directory for adults who need care and support. Search local organisations to find the right services for your needs.

Out and about and having fun

Free Wellness Café for Older People

As part of a free monthly café, older people can learn about, and get involved in, sessions inspired by, the different types of sports that used to take place at Alexandra Palace. The Wellness pop-up café takes place on the last Monday of every month from 2.00pm to 4.00pm  at Alexandra Palace. There will be tea, cakes and conversations.

The HO50’s newsletter is available to members and supporters. A membership form is included in this newsletter if you need to renew or you want to join. If you want to be taken off our membership list, please call 0208 341 2238 and leave a message or email

Remember, HO50’s is an advocacy group for older people. We want you to have a voice in the Borough. Together we can make things happen.