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Welcome to Haringey Over 50s Forum


In this edition:-

* Next meeting Tuesday 25th May (note NOT 24th as we thought)

* BuddyHub; Join a vibrant intergenerational community in Haringey

* The A Team for cleaning and other domestic services

* COVID support and other social support from the Council

* Sunshine and exercise

* ‘Living rooms’  – pop-up places to go out for a meet and chat

* Pension too small? You’re not alone – claim your right to more!

* Coach trip to Skegness – book by May 20th

* Questionnaires – we’re still hoping for more replies, please! (remember the one we sent out last time? Help us to get more funding and services by telling us just a little about yourself)


Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 2pm to 4pm


Please note that it’s TUESDAY this time not Monday as we usually do. (This was because we couldn’t get a Zoom booking for Monday).


Join Zoom Meeting   Meeting ID: 927 0282 3110; Passcode: 752584


One tap mobile:-



Just from your phone:- 0208 080 6592, or 0330 088 5830


This month’s speaker is Catherine McClen from BuddyHub. See below for more about it. Also; we’ll begin to review what we’ve done lately and future plans. We’ve had a complex year, started whatsapp, several campaigns, phone-rounds, more frequent meetings albeit just on zoom, and newsletters. Let’s discuss how we can grow stronger and best meet members’ needs. See the agenda which will be out soon on e-mail and whatsapp. Call us if you need a paper copy.


BuddyHub; Join a vibrant intergenerational community in Haringey:

Be connected to like-minded people living close to you and feel part of a community built on kindness and inclusivity. BuddyHub is all about making new friends and enjoying each other’s company. Learn more: or contact us at 0203 642 6871 / 07714 118916 or


BuddyHub  forms social circles called  Friendship Wheels by carefully matching together four members of different ages who the organisers think will click. They all share common interests or experiences and live close by.


Getting low cost cleaning and other domestic services


The A Team, run by Haringey Council, is a friendly and hard working group who offer a low cost domestic chores service to people in the community. This is done as part of a training programme and work experience scheme for Council workers. See


The A team offers home cleaning, light removals, and basic garden maintenance. Work is moderately priced with affordable rates. For more information, contact: Employment and Training Coordinator, Clarendon Centre, Clarendon Road, N8 0DJ. Tel 020 8489 4860,              mobile 07817 164 731


COVID support and other practical support:


If you or someone you know might need help as a result of COVID-19 – e.g. someone to talk to, get shopping, or need health and care support – phone 020 8489 4431. (Open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.30pm.).


If you are concerned about an adult who you think requires social care and support or you have a safeguarding concern, phone 020 8489 1400 or see


Issues about housing, benefits, access to care or other services?

See if Paulina at Public Voice can help – phone 020 3196 1900



Sunshine and exercise

Spring is just about here, after a cold start – let’s make the most of it with some walks and possibly some sociable gardening if you like that.

Please see below links for local walks, gardening projects, plant sales and exotic greenhouse tours.

Free group walks with a leader, in various Haringey parks, something different every weekday. Contact 07971 113 463 or email


Gardening; Living Under One Sun has several community garden projects in different parts of the borough; a chance to get exercise, feel the satisfaction of growing food or flowers and meet other people;

Phone 0208 801 6868, or e-mail


Wolves Lane Centre will re-open to the public for plant sales and tours of the historic Palm House and Cactus Collection on Saturdays, 11am to 3pm, starting 22nd May. Come along any Saturday to Haringey’s mini-Kew, but if you’re interested in future volunteering, come on that first one, the 22nd. As well as gardeners for the greenhouses and landscaping, the Centre also welcomes cooks, fruit and veg packers for the organic box scheme, and people to nurse seedlings or make plant labels which can be done at home or sitting down. 


Meeting and chatting


Local Living Rooms, organised by the Council’s Local Area Coordinators,  provide a Covid-safe pop-up space to meet up with other people from our local community. Not about fixing problems, talking to professionals or referrals to services, they use the two principles of friendship and purpose, reminding us all that we are not alone in facing problems. Just turn up for a cuppa and chat.


When and where :-


The Grove Café (in the Grove), Alexandra Palace , Thursday 20th May, 12 to 2pm


Osborne Grove, 16 – 18 Upper Tollington Road, Stroud Green, N4 3EL, Tuesday 25th May 12- 2pm.

Selby Centre, Selby Road, N17 8JL; Tuesday 1st June 12 to 2pm


Pension too small?  You are not alone!

Recent research quoted by the Greater London Authority finds about a quarter of London pensioners living below the poverty line. If you think you are one of them, do claim Pension Credit. There’s absolutely no shame in it – you worked, brought up kids, paid your taxes, why not? And even if you are only entitled to a small amount, it may be worth the effort because you get a free TV licence if you’re over 75, and several other extra benefits even for younger pensioners. For example more help with housing costs, heating and home insulation costs, council tax, glasses, and free dental treatment. You can claim Guarantee Credit if your weekly income is less than £173.75 if you’re single, or £265.20 if you’re a couple – these limits are higher if you are disabled or a carer, or still paying off a mortgage. It tops up your weekly income to a minimum level of £177.10 if you’re single or £270.30 if you’re a couple

Savings Credit is extra money if you’ve got some savings or your income is higher than the basic State Pension. It’s only available to people who reached State Pension age before 6 April 2016. You could get up to £13.97 extra per week if you’re single, or £15.62 if you’re a couple. But not so much if your savings are more than £10,000.

Call the Pension Credit claim line on 0800 99 1234 They will fill in the application for you over the phone. Have all your information handy, including bank details, income and savings amounts, mortgage and housing service charges if any, National Insurance number, and your partner’s parallel details if you have a partner.

For more information call the Age UK Advice Line on 0800 678 1602, open every day including weekends 8am to 7pm.

Outing to Skegness by coach – the Forum’s first seaside trip!

Celia Fleming, one of our members,  is organising a coach trip to Skegness on Saturday, July 17.  It leaves from Tottenham Town Hall at 8am.  It will leave Skegness about 8pm, and get back to London about midnight.  The cost is £30.  For an extra £5, you can get breakfast on the coach.  If interested please contact Celia, 07453 655379 and if no answer please leave a message. You need to book and pay £15 deposit by May 20th.

Need to pay your sub?  If there’s an x on your e-mail or envelope, we’d like another £5 please for the next 12 months. Cheques to the address on the logo at the beginning, or bank transfers to Haringey over 50s Forum, sort code 08 92 99, account number  65525931.Thanks for your support!